Dragons and the Ruse


Hidden in the midst of the Sargasso Sea and deep in the Bermuda Triangle, Deglan and Carik search for the mysterious Caelum Island where Roman, the rogue dragon, has been seen.

Legend says the island is everything paradise should be, but as soon as they are within its boundaries, they are thrust into human form, and all chaos breaks loose.

Teaming up with Roman is the last thing either of them wants, but as the Caelums revolt against the outsiders, blaming them for the problems they’re experiencing, the pair has no choice. Banding together along with some magical creatures they must discover what exactly has the island in such disarray.

As the chaos turns sharply into crisis, a dangerous force attacks, and without their dragon abilities Deglan, Carik, and the rest of the inhabitants are powerless to stop it. Now this version of paradise feels like a trap.

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