Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is Eisley Jacobs?
Well, me of course. What a silly question. But for those of you who desire a more in-depth answer… tough! A girl never talks… well okay, maybe she does.

Eisley Jacobs is my pseudonym, or pen name. My real name is pretty boring and ordinary… in fact there is a “real me” in almost every profession… Doctors, Authors, Lawyers…  Yes, really. So instead of using my maiden name, I use a name that means something to me and is ME.

Just call me EJ.

How do you pronounce Eisley?
If you’re a pirate… AYEz-lee

If you’re just a normal, average, everyday person, EYEs-lee will do.

Where are you from?
This is a hard question to answer. We moved around a lot when I was younger but most of my roots are Northern California flavored… with a dash of Texas salt, South Dakota pepper, and a bit of Colorado garnish.

I claim my home town as Ukiah, California. The majority of my growing up years happened there and people I love still live within the small… small… small valley.

What do you write?
The ABCs, just like everyone else.

Though, hopefully, they are in some legible order that has a bit of semblance of a novel. Word by word I try to craft Middle Grade and Young Adult Fantasy that is believable (well as believable as Fantasy can be!) with a lot of the moral aspects many books are leaving out these days.

How long have you been writing?
Since preschool, those first strokes on the paper made my parents so proud.

Oh? What was that? Oh, you meant my novels? Well, I started writing when I was bored in Junior High, in any number of classes. No wonder I got such awesome grades. I digress… I wrote for my classmates all the time. Lots of poetry, even sold one to a boy to use for a class project.

I wrote through high school (grades suffered) and took some college classes… then put aside the “childish things of my past.”  Only to realize years later that I missed it and it was a good creative outlet for me.

Decided to really start writing again in about 2002 or so… completed my first two novels in 2009.

Tell us about you and your family.
Happily married with three beautiful children who love to read, write and draw, just like Ma. Makes me so proud *sniff*sniff*

My family is my world… when I am not writing I am usually home schooling my youngest or out in the backyard with the chickens. I have quite a few.

I will commonly refer to my husband and children as DH,Big-kid, Mid-kid or Lil-kid.

How many times does it have to be asked to be “frequent”?
Very good question, one I don’t have the answer for. Maybe they have a wiki site on that…

How many Dragons Forever books do you hope to write?
As many as you’ll read. Really. But right now there are six planned. Born to be a Dragon, Blink of a Dragon, Dragons of the Deep, Dragons and the Ruse, Dawn of the Dragons, and one without a title.

Are you planning to write any other middle grade series?
I was, but life seems to have slipped in. I have it planned out and a couple chapters written, but the Dragons Forever series calls a little louder, so I tend to only work on that and my young adult novels (You can read more about my young adult novels here).